Photographer – Alanna D Photography 

Vancouver, BC

Photographer, Nature Lover, Rock Hound, Organic Gardener, Animal Lover & Rescue Volunteer, Vintage Treasure seeker, and Home & Commercial Space Designer, she has multi-channel creative activities on the go all the time.  Alanna is constantly chasing the outdoors for new photography experiences, spending hours on Etsy picking perfect custom wedding and baby gifts for friends, scouring the beach for stones for crafts and her Etsy store and taking workshops to just try something new.  This year has included a foraging workshop, Lapidary class, international cooking school, and a full term organic gardening course followed by a full scale urban garden replacement of her front lawn and construction of an outdoor-living oasis in her backyard.  
In addition to always having creative personal projects and photography on the go, she takes a great deal of pride in salvaging and repurposing vintage materials and home supplies into her home designs, or into her Etsy shop. 
PicsNStones is a collaboration of all those little things, and big things that just need an avenue to be shared and to help others channel their nature explorer spirit around BC, find the perfect local artist gift, or learn a few things about DIY home design and photography.

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