Kelowna Garden Wedding

Kelowna Garden Wedding

December 4, 2014

Kelowna is one of the most beautiful and popular locations for weddings in the summer in BC and the sun is almost always shining. This August wedding was no exception with one of the hottest days of the summer and a bright sun shining day in the most beautiful garden setting. The Belgo Wedding Chapel is a hidden gem amongst the wineries in the outskirts of Kelowna. Secluded, personal and pretty, a great location for an intimate wedding like this one.

My friend, the stunning bride Jennifer and her new husband Darren, travelled all the way from Edmonton with friends and family so that their wedding location would be a great celebration AND a mini vacation for everyone. There are so many lovely candid moments from this ceremony, endless beautiful views and flowers, it was a picture perfect wedding and a wonderful day. This was also the first time I have ever seen the Rose ceremony and it was such a thoughtful, pretty addition to their vows.

Congratulations to the newly weds. Please enjoy this little peek at some photos from their special day.

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Gail and Mark are such a fantastic couple and were really a delight to work with.
The intimate home wedding was celebrated outdoors complete with a charming sunflower-ful rustic theme.
Their home made such a perfect venue for a great casual party, and everyone had such a great time.

The beautiful Fort Mcmurray summers are so rarely interrupted with rain, but rain it did on this day, thankfully
we were well equipped with sunshine coloured umbrellas and the rain held off during the ceremony and made for
some fun photos through the day

Thank you for including me in your big day!

I’m a little late on the blog lately as i work through some big life changes – from recently selling my home in Fort McMurray
and moving to BC and heading off right away to europe and now back in the city unpacking, organizing our new life
and going through thousands of europe photos. Thank you for looking at my work and i hope you will Like my Facebook page and
follow all the new photos that i post from beautiful BC, and of course, i am booking clients in BC and weddings for 2015

I can’t say enough about the beautiful new scenery from my neighbourhood and beyond now that we have moved to BC
Moving to BC was a challenge to say the least. Every step of the way seemed to have hiccups, challenges and frustration, so i am happy to say that now its all done, we are in our house and finally able to slow the pace a bit.

Our neighbours all have beautiful, year round gardens so my first focus was to work on my own garden. Taking a moment to make our new home beautiful from the outside in and take a break from all this unpacking. I am also happy to report that i have found stunning little birds all around the trees and we have a salmon spawning stream on our street complete with bears and eagles.

On that note i wanted to share some new images i have taken in BC and a couple floral favourites. I have been in vacation mode and unpacking since i got here but i have been enjoying the outdoors as much as possible and look forward to sharing a few views of BC moments that i find along the way.

If you haven’t taken a moment to slow the pace lately, take a walk outside and enjoy some flowers and nature scenery to clear your head, it will most certainly bring a smile or two as well.

The Ocean is Calling

July 8, 2014

On August 1st my family is officially moving to Maple Ridge in the lower mainland, BC
We are very excited to being a new adventure close to our families with the outdoor lifestyle that the lower mainland offers and I am thrilled to have many new photographic opportunities.

I greatly appreciate the 7 years we have spent in Fort Mcmurray, AB and we have met a lot of wonderful people along the way. I wish to give a very big, sincere thank you to each and every friend, cowork, client and supporter who has had a positive impact on our life and my business in Fort Mcmurray.

I love to share the beautiful, lesser seen vantage points of Fort mcmurray, the oil sands image that noone really gets to see, which includes the great people in the community, along with amazing, unique landscapes.

On that note i would just like to share some of my favorite Fort McMurray images which are posted online & available for sale.
I encourage you to like & share & pin these photos to help share and showcase our beautiful community for everyone that doesnt get to see what Fort McMurray really has to offer.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to meeting new faces and seeing old friends on the BC Coast.
Now booking sessions starting August 2014 in BC.

Fmsept13-41 Gallery

Change Is Good!

April 24, 2014

Rosy Cheeks Photography has been my trade name since 2010 when i began working with portrait clients.
My husband came up with the name and it was a great fit as it related to the blushing moments of emotion, rosy cheeked little newborns and the pink glow of skin in the cold outdoor climate we get to enjoy every winter. At the time it was a great fit and noone else was using the name.

So why the Change?

In 2010 I was new to the business and just looking to take photos for a few friends and clients to pay for some new gear for my hobby. Since that time, i have gone back and forth between deciding to go “all in” or to just finish up taking clients and only work on hobby/landscape work. But i have always enjoyed photographing people and industry and life in general and for some reason have been really drawn to stock photography and creative photo sessions.

So I made the decision to go all in and start working as a proper business instead of a hobby and now really want to cater to my creative needs with magazine and fashion style sessions, architecture and commercial photography, weddings and lifestyle. To do all those things and to get my name out there, it just became a better fit to have a name, my name, that works with all categories of the photo business.

Lucky for me there is currently noone else out there operating as Alanna D Photography, at least in the facebook world. I would include my last name in full, but noone can ever spell it or say it so the initial works out better.

Thank you to everyone who has followed my work as Rosy Cheeks Photography. I am happy to be moving into new ground with commercial work and creative sessions along with continuing with personal portrait bookings.

Contact me to discuss any photos you have in mind and see about getting a photo session to custom meet your needs and ideas.


Grads 2014

March 28, 2014

Booking Grads for 2014. I will customize a session to meet your personality and to fit you and your closest friends or family. Fashion style sessions in your gowns & tux, casual photos, sports theme, whatever suits you best.

Sessions can be outdoors or indoors, formal cap and gown portrait style images also available.

Contact me for available dates and to customize your seniors photo experience.

One of my favourite things to capture on my own time and for clients is the heavy equipment that is building our highways and town expansion. I have always been drawn to cars, boats and equipment and love to capture the movement and industrial features.

I made this action shot look a little vintage & rugged.

Contact me for info on Prints and commercial sessions.

Special Moments

March 28, 2014

Friends of mine asked me to capture a very special moment for them last month ~ day 1 arrival of their little newborn, still at the hospital and with his sister getting to see him for the first time. Mom and Dad wanted to ensure there were a couple perfect family moments captured as often people get photos of one another with a newborn, but miss the chance for a first family photo.

This was a first for me, and a really wonderful family experience to be a part of.