Change Is Good!

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Rosy Cheeks Photography has been my trade name since 2010 when i began working with portrait clients.
My husband came up with the name and it was a great fit as it related to the blushing moments of emotion, rosy cheeked little newborns and the pink glow of skin in the cold outdoor climate we get to enjoy every winter. At the time it was a great fit and noone else was using the name.

So why the Change?

In 2010 I was new to the business and just looking to take photos for a few friends and clients to pay for some new gear for my hobby. Since that time, i have gone back and forth between deciding to go “all in” or to just finish up taking clients and only work on hobby/landscape work. But i have always enjoyed photographing people and industry and life in general and for some reason have been really drawn to stock photography and creative photo sessions.

So I made the decision to go all in and start working as a proper business instead of a hobby and now really want to cater to my creative needs with magazine and fashion style sessions, architecture and commercial photography, weddings and lifestyle. To do all those things and to get my name out there, it just became a better fit to have a name, my name, that works with all categories of the photo business.

Lucky for me there is currently noone else out there operating as Alanna D Photography, at least in the facebook world. I would include my last name in full, but noone can ever spell it or say it so the initial works out better.

Thank you to everyone who has followed my work as Rosy Cheeks Photography. I am happy to be moving into new ground with commercial work and creative sessions along with continuing with personal portrait bookings.

Contact me to discuss any photos you have in mind and see about getting a photo session to custom meet your needs and ideas.


One Comment

  • Carmalee says:

    Alanna, Congratulations. Your work is amazing and I expect we’ll see great things come from within you, expressed through your lens. Keep exploring, creating and growing! Take care.