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Super 7 Black and White Landscapes 2017

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A few years ago I had the pleasure of taking a workshop with reknown Canadian photographer Dave Brosha of Dave Brosha Photography.  As a self taught, modest and incredibly talented photographer, Dave has taught me, and so many photographers, to come out of our comfort zones and embrace new skills, such as off camera lighting and working with models, while also being creative in the most drab or strange of backgrounds to work with.   
As Dave’s workshops have grown to become global with his network of talented professional photographer friends (see offbeatphoto.ca), he continues to build this amazing community of supportive, postive, extremely talented photographers from all around the world who inspire one another through social media sharing challenges.  This network includes constant challenges, sharing, themes and opportunities to connect and grow with the talented photographers who share the enchanting world of photography.  I am grateful to be part of a network of people with the support of great leaders like Dave who are here to help everyone grow and capture the beauty of the worlds outer edges.
This past week, we were challenged to post our Super Seven Tones of Place – black and white landscape images from 2017.  These are my images that I feel resonated most for me, from the top of the world down to under the sea.
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Smouldering remains - Fort McMurray.  Alanna D Photography

The remnants of one piece of the millions of trees wiped out in the 2014 wildfire that also claimed our former home and neighbourhood, and the homes of my sister and many friends.

Rocky Mountains from the Air - Alanna D Photography

Flying over the Rocky Mountains from Calgary in late winter with beautiful snowy peaks

Textures of Stone - Alanna D Photography

The end of the hike at Widgeon Falls, BC, accessible only following a canoe ride across Pitt Lake, this waterfall and these sculptured rocks are truly breathtaking from every angle

Light of the West - Alanna D Photography

on the edge of the Western world, watching the sun set over Maui, Hawaii

Sea Turtles - Alanna D Photography

All that I talked about before going to Maui was taking sea turtle underwater photos. Mission accomplished. Their slow peaceful movements and deep colors and patterns are stunning.

Space Needle Views - Alanna D Photography

Captivating cityscape as viewed at sunset from the Space Needle, Seattle

The Wild West Coast Tofino - Alanna D Photography

The photos from pacific rim national park BC are almost always showcasing massive beach wide angle views, surfers and green rainforests. Here at low tide on the furthest reach of Long Beach, you can see the green forest like creatures, Sea Anemones, that live under the surf.

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